Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes! We are fully insured for your protection! 

Q: Do I leave a key for the cleaners?

A: When we come to your home for the free evaluation, we will discuss how the team will gain access to the home. Every client has their own way of doing this so we will work out what works best for you. 


Q: Will I have the same cleaner/cleaning team?

A: Absolutely! You will have the luxury of having your own personal cleaner/ cleaners along with the security of working with a company that is insured and provides quality assurance. In the rare event your cleaner/cleaners cannot make it we will have an equally awesome back-up cleaner/cleaning team come to the rescue. You  will get to know your cleaners well, just as they will get to know your home and care for your home in the most conscious way possible. 

Q: Can I be home while they clean?


Q: Are the cleaners okay with pets?


A: For sure! We won't kick you out! Many Austinites enjoy the beauty of working from home and we are accustomed to working around such clients. 

All of our cleaners are animal lovers! We are all very comfortable with dogs and cats and rabbits and gerbils! Whatever you have we are happy to have company while we clean!



Check back for more frequently asked questions! We strive to have open and clear communication with all of our clients and will continually be posting more questions and answers!