At Eco-Mama Holistic Housecleaning LLC we stay true to our name and take a Holistic approach in our business model. Our company began with one Eco-Mama and is growing everyday. All our Eco-Mama's take pride in their work and come to know and love the homes they clean.  We start by paying our workers a great living wage. We know first hand what hard work housecleaning is!  We provide the cleaners  with supportive and in depth training to give them the confidence and skills to clean a home in the most conscious way possible. Then we provide them with top quality supplies and non-toxic biodegradable products so that they are able to do their job without hassle of cheap supplies or toxic chemicals. Our teams take pride in their work and look forward to going to their job each day. You will feel the difference in the depth of cleaning that our company provides compared to most other cleaning services.Upon a free consultation we will create a manual for your home so that when your team arrives  they know all the ins and outs of your home even before they begin!


Details are important and we are dedicated to the details. We use all non-toxic cleaning supplies and Miele HEPA-filtered vacuums. We also use all organic essential oils when cleaning your tubs, floors and sinks. We love feedback and we are always available to talk if you have questions or requests.  If you are ready for a truly spa-like house cleaning experience then you are ready for us!