Residential Cleaning

Below are estimates of house cleanings according to square footage. These numbers are based on our current cleaning clients.  These are only estimates and a final quote cannot be given without all the information on a home. Pets, number of residents, level of grime and dust, and frequency of cleaning visits,  will all play factors in the cost of your cleaning. For example, cleaning a home once a month as opposed to every week will take a little longer for our cleaners. Please see our about section for details on our methods. Once we have evaluated your home we will give you a set rate. This rate will never change unless you request extra time on a particular day. It is truly a spa-like house cleaning experience! Call us for a free consultation. The following rates include sales tax.

800-1200 s.f.    135-160

1200-1800 s.f.  135-175

1800-3000 s.f.  150-225

We are more than able to clean larger homes than what you see here,  and will be happy to speak to you about providing service to your space.

Move In-Move Out Cleans

Whether you're moving into a home and ready for a fresh start or moving out of a home and wanting to get that deposit back, we are ready to help you. These moves vary in cost according to the size of a home and the level of dirt and grime. Feel free to call or text us for a free estimate. All move outs start at $160. Call us at 512-659-9633 for more details.

Commercial Cleaning

If your place of work is in need of cleaners that are mindful when cleaning and provide conscious solutions to your cleaning needs then give us a call to set up a free consultation with your company!



In addition to being given a cleaning manual on how to clean absolutely anything and everything, our cleaners are given a manual designed specifically for your home.  Here is a list of what you can expect when we clean. Items that have been marked with an asterisk (*) are optional services that we can provide for an additional fee.

All Rooms

Dust & polish all furniture & all misc. items
Wipe down all windowsills & ceiling fans
Remove trash and recycling
Vacuum carpets and bare floors
Vacuum all upholstered furniture
After vacuuming we will mop all bare floors unless they are an unfinished artisan wood in which case we will spot treat! All other hardwoods receive a light damp mopping as not to damage the wood.
Wipe down all light switches and door knobs and fingerprints and grime on doorways
Dust all baseboards
Dust all high corners of the room to remove cob-webs
Clean all the window panes on French doors and sliding glass doors
General tidying of room i.e. fluff pillows, fold throw blankets and such
Shake out and then vacuum all small floor rugs
Vacuum under and behind furniture where possible and in all corners
*Clean interior windows (we will typically do the best we can on this with basic cleanings but for a complete window cleaning we would need to charge an additional fee)
*Dust blinds


Scrub sinks & countertops
Place dishes in the dishwasher (if empty) 
Clean all surfaces & outside of appliances 
Clean inside and outside of microwave 
Wipe down top of fridge
Wipe down fronts of all cabinets
Dust out cobwebs from under all cabinets near floor before vacuuming
*Hand wash dishes
*Wipe down inside of fridge


Scrub toilets inside and out, showers, tubs and sinks
Clean and detail shower doors
Clean sinks and countertops
Clean mirrors
Polish faucets & fixtures
Wipe baseboards
Dust all light fixtures
Wipe all light switches and doorways
Dust under cabinets before vacuuming the floor


Make all beds 
Change linens if left on the bed for us
*Wash linens and replace on bed